Q. Is there a way to see the overall activity?

Is there a way to see the overall activity on the prime gap list

Jun 4, 2016 • Yom Ki < 1 min to read • news gapreport

2016-06-04, 18:17:57

About 2 weeks ago the rate of record results on the Gapcoin page went up dramatically, and has stayed that way. The overall number of Gapcoin records had been falling by about 100/month since January (that is, the number of gaps found were not enough to keep up with the amount of records broken by others), but since then it has been able to keep up and even gain a little.

I looked at the coinia stats page on the first post, and it doesn’t seem right. BitCoinFX reports one of his machines generates 15M pps. That exceeds coinia’s “networkprimeps” number for most of this year. It’s reporting a current value of about 22M pps, which implies there are only a couple machines running, which doesn’t seem right. It shows 500 new accounts every day, and one would think they might actually run something.