First occurrence and merit report 2016-08-17

The Gapcoin results from 27-Dec-2015 to 14-Aug-2016 are published.

Aug 17, 2016 • Yom Ki ~ 1 min to read • news gapreport

2016-08-17, 14:56:35

The Gapcoin results from 27-Dec-2015 to 14-Aug-2016 are published.

Quote from: BitcoinFX The 22M diff at is the current network difficulty, as in getdifficulty

I’m also not aware of any published ’live’ statistics for the network total primespersec - being estimated or otherwise.

I didn’t mean the difficulty, but the primes per second. under 2016-06-04, 18:17:57 would seem to be a live statistic for network total primes per second. It was in the hundreds of millions in early 2015, then fell to very little (sub 10M early this year). It’s up to about 22 million (unrelated to the difficulty which happens to be around 22.x).

Greek’s number indicates 200-400 cores worth overall back in the low-result time frame, or (extremely roughly) around 50 full time computers.

On another, previous, topic of getting university support for gapcoin, I thought the answers here were interesting:

Could Bitcoin’s mining be combined with actually useful work?

Why haven’t bit-miners repurposed their Bitcoin mining operations to solve for “Real” and “Important”, unsolved mathematical mysteries?

Considering most answers are “no”. The questions are not quite the same (at least the answers assume the result must be a proof rather than understanding).