The Gapcoin project

Community resources for Gapcoin, a prime gap based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency

Useful Proof-of-Work

Instead of just hashing, Gapcoin’s Proof of Work function actually does useful work by searching for large prime gaps¹ of record merit².

Fair launch & distribution

Launched in Oct. 2014 without premine and designed not to enrich early adopters, the coin supply increases logarithmically with difficulty.

Modern codebase

The current Gapcoin codebase is based on segwit- and CLTV-capable Bitcoin 0.16.3 with optional extended GUI/RPC functionality and OP_RETURN txs.


About Gapcoin (Oct. 2014 announcement)


Prime gaps and the Gapcoin rationale

Gapcoin maths

Developer j0nn9’s bitcointalk technical posts

¹ A prime gap is the difference between successive prime numbers; it constitutes a first occurrence when no preceding gap has an equal value. A first occurrence prime gap is maximal if the gap strictly exceeds all preceding gaps.

² The merit M of a prime gap of measure g following the prime p1 is defined as M=g/ln(p1). It is the ratio of the measure of the gap to the “average” measure of gaps near that point; as a consequence of the Prime Number Theorem, the average difference between consecutive primes near x is approximately ln(x).

(While most puns make me feel oddly numb, mathematical puns make me feel even number) *