PGS news for 3rd. April 2021

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Apr 3, 2021 • Seth Trosis, copied over by Graham Higgins < 1 min to read • feature news gapreport psg

(coped from the Mersenne Forum’s Prime Gap Search group as pertinent to Gapcoin)

2021-04-03, 00:55 SethTro post to Mersenne Forum PSG

Craig has continued with small gaps improving several hundred records <12000.

Including this new top 20 merit gap as well as many other top 100 / top 200 merit gaps.

10470 36.3971 Craig Loizides 29052706830863*277#/30-5748

David Stevens cleared one more gap from #227

95278 12.1047 DStevens 9301541 * 7993#/505915410 -44226

I (Seth) filled in even more of the #2221 primorial line

Michiel Jansen found a few more of the missing gaps < 125,000 (only 13 missing now)

technically “more records have this year as discovery than last year” so maybe 20% fewer but IDK.