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Prime gap data

last updated 2021-03-23

  • A zipped (106K) CSV of the 1093 Gapcoin entries in the prime gap list - columns: gapsize, ismax, primecat, isfirst, primecert, discoverer,year, merit, primedigits, startprime - see the Mersenne forum Prime Gap Search group’s “Prime gap record data fields” for a detailed characterisation of the fields representing prime gap record data.

  • A zipped (90M) CSV of the entire Gapcoin prime gap data (blocks 0-1394093) - columns: height, difficulty, shift, adder, startprime, gapsize, merit, primedigits, date - as reported by the Gapcoin client’s getblock <blockhash> RPC/API call.

Contributed tuned Chinese Remainder Theorem (aka “crt”) files

Contributed increased merit (28) Chinese Remainder Theorem (aka “crt”) files, new range

Current status of Wizz’s increased target merit crt contributions

Contributed standard Chinese Remainder Theorem (aka “crt”) files, extended range for merit 22

For details of construction parameter settings see Creating Chinese Remainder Theorem (crt) files

Current status of Wizz’s improved crt contributions