Starter Post

Dec 16, 2014 • Manav Sehgal ~ 1 min to read • content

This is a starter post which you can duplicate to create your own. It demonstrates Markdown syntax, Liquid tags, and GitHub whitelisted HTML.

Note. Read this post as Markdown source to see the easy to write syntax for creating this HTML page.


This is a level four heading. Use hash symbol and repeat for levels.

Dividers can separate sections with three dashes or minus symbols. Not to be confused with the three dashes fencing the YAML frontmatter on top of the post.

Code blocks can be fenced with three back-apostrophe characters like so.

  var some_variable = "Hello";
  if (some_variable == "Hello") {
    // Do something...

Text formatting can include bold text, and emphasized text.

Block quotes start with a greater than symbol.

Normal text can be written like in any editor.

New line or ENTER twice to start on next line.

Liquid Tags and Jekyll Variables

You can use Liquid Tags to reference other posts. Here is one on how to design a blog in Jekyll.

Site variables can be used as well. Here is the tagline for OpenTheme as descibed in a site variable - The Gapcoin project. Page variables are also available. Title for this post is Starter Post and it uses post template.