Gapcoin Break-the-record Day

Promotional idea

Jun 15, 2017 • Greekcoin ~ 1 min to read •

(Edited) from the annals of the bitcointalk thread …

I had an idea recently.

Let us select a random day in a month or so from now and call it “Gapcoin BreakTheRecordDay” (rename it however we like it).

The idea will be that on that day we are calling miners from other coins too help us break the world record. Just a day trying…

Then we spam (well some positive spamming, not too ugly) a bit on the forums and social media and ask for help specifically for that day. We could try to contact some crypto-related news sites too.

We are going to need someone to build a nice pool that can accept that traffic. Maybe we can talk with someone well-known about this.

Someone should make a few images about that event.

Finally we throw all the bounties that we have already gathered, plus we add a few more. The bounty will be paid to whoever breaks the record.

If a pool breaks the record I guess it can disburse out the reward according to shares of the specific block.

I believe we can gather a nice big bounty that can persuade people to mine gapcoin for a day. I don’t know if we can succeed in breaking the record in a day. But a try won’t be bad.