Comparison of mining with shift/crt match vs. mismatch

CRT mining with a shift setting different from that of the crt file vs mining with a shift setting that matches that of the crt file

With GapMiner, it is possible to configure CRT mining to use a shift setting different from that of the crt file. Excessive differences between shift and selected crt file are rejected by the miner. Otherwise, for a given shift, the lack of a precisely-matching CRT shift file presents no obstacle to using one with a closely-approximating shift, nor does it appear¹ to result in reduced performance as the tabulated results show a small degree of performance improvement for this particular test run.

¹ the neccessity of using different values for -i to control for gaplist size means that the results of these two tests cannot be directly compared

i) a “match” -t 4 -d 3 -f 448 for -i 97000 -r crt-22m-0448s

ii) a “mismatch” -t 4 -d 3 -f 448 for -i 92000 -r crt-22m-0456s

Column labels map directly to miner output: pps is average primes per second, tps is average tests per second, gps is average gaps per second, glst is the size of the gaplist and l/s is the time in seconds to scan the gaplist at the reported rate of gaps per second.





The charts included below are for completeness. The figures given are the means and they differ from the means in the above table because, in order to support the different requirements of charting, the first 1/5th of the data is ignored in order to aid visual comparison. The chartline uses the full dataset.

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gapminer -o localhost -p 31397 -u $USER -x $USERPASS -e -j 5 -t 4 -d 3 -f 448 -i [as-discovered] -r crt/crt-22m-0448s.txt
gapminer -o localhost -p 31397 -u $USER -x $USERPASS -e -j 5 -t 4 -d 3 -f 448 -i [as-discovered] -r crt/crt-22m-0456s.txt